Contribution: Character, Creature, Camera, and Facial Animation.

The Swedish online travel agency is wellknown for commercials involving catchy songs and cute kittens. For their new commercial they wanted something different and asked us to create a new visual style. The result is this commercial, set in an imaginative toy world filled with adventures. Of course, the classic flygresor-kittens needed to be in there somehow. So how many can you spot?

Full Credit List
Agency: Robert German
Agency producer: Fabian Mannheimer
Production company: Fido
Director: Rickard Engqvist
CG Supervisors: Daniel Bystedt, Johan Gabrielsson
Comp lead: Karl Rydhe
Producer: Johan Edström, Hanna Bengtsson
Executive Producer: Claes Dietmann
Concept & artwork: Rickard Engqvist, Gustav Ekelund, Martin Bergquist, Victor Norman
Modeling: Daniel Bystedt, Joel Sundberg, Gustav Alexandersson, Erik Hallberg, Rodrigo Vivedes, Jonas Skoog
Rigging: Peter Jemstedt, Daniel Bystedt, Agnes Lindsten
Lookdev: Joakim Olsson, Sean Kalamgi, Johan Gabrielsson, David Enbom, Hannes Drossel, Kristian Zarins
Animation: Raoul Cacciamani, Fredrik Olsson, Jonas Forsman, Christina Sidoti, Rickard Engqvist
Lighting: Sean Kalamgi, Alexis Andersson, Kristian Zarins, Johan Gabrielsson
VFX editing: Henrik Klein
Compositing: Hannah Myllyoja, Denys Holovyanko, Sven Ahlström, Martin Borell, Karl Rydhe, Zebastian Lilja, Fredrik Mannerfelt, Max Wester, Tomas Näslund, Calle Granström
Pipeline: Erik Johansson, Emil Ferdinandsson
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