Most recently, I had the pleasure of speaking with Millennium FX founder, Kate Walshe on a panel for Women In TV & Film. Kate, a prostethetics and animatronics specialist, and I discussed our respective creative roles, talked through examples of our work, and explained how CFX and VFX work together to create creatures.

Podcast guest on Evolution Exchange Gaming’s All Things Animation. Guests, including Christina Sidoti (Lead Animator at Goodbye Kansas), Nicklas Andersson (Head of Animation at Important Looking Pirates VFX), Athos Cammell (Lead Animator at Avalanche Studios Group), and Zsolt Avery-Tierney (Animation Director at IO Interactive), share their insights, experiences, and expertise. Explore the fascinating world where gaming and animation converge.

Kenote speaker at Trollywood Animation Festival.  See the program and speakers pages for more information

Autodesk made a film "It's In The Details" interviewing Cameron Scott and me about how we use Maya at Goodbye Kansas.

Digital Spy reports The Walking Dead has managed to outdo itself again, delivering one of the most disgusting moments (in a good way!) in the show's run. Read more in their article on the grinder scene in The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 10

Watch a fan response to the grinder episode on The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 10
Battlefield 1 Reveal Trailer makes youtube history.

Check out the short film I'm Here by Director/Screenwriter Spike Jonze.

Lemon Drop Kiss is featured in the fifth anniversary issue of Stash DVD Magazine.

Cartoon Network's Fusion Fall featured on Motionographer.
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